Experts in Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality Coaches

At Ellisons, we pride ourselves on being the 'experts' in Corporate Hospitality Coaches.  We have years of experience of organising events which use our vehicles assets to the full.

What makes a Corporate Hospitality Coach different from a normal one?

Firstly the coaches, if you are entertaining clients, they need to be impressive, but not too over the top to be 'flashy', after all, you need to create a professional impression.

The leather seating on our vehicles immediately makes an impact and the large number of tables on our Premiership Range means that guests can face each other, much more personal than looking at the backs of heads.  

Our Premiership vehicles are used by our Football Club clients and therefore are fully equipped with kitchen facilities, which enable light snacks to be prepared and drinks to be served easily.  

You may have plenty of questions about how your event can be managed efficiently so the following should be a helpful guide with some suggestions.  Hiring Coach information could be useful too.

Theatre or Concert?

On the way to the theatre or a concert, light nibbles could be served, with a glass of chilled champagne for your guests maybe.

On the return journey the coach will be warmed or cooled according to the temperature outside and waiting at a convenient spot to pick you up.  We give you the number of the driver to liaise directly if you are early or delayed.  What nicer, than a freshly made Cappuccino from the machine and a snack to round the evening off.

Hostess by your own arrangements?

A hostess is ideal as it takes the pressure off you.  A Hostess will discuss a menu with you, whether cold or hot and ensure it is served when you want.  They will also help with keeping everyone topped up and at the end of the day, do the dishes.  The kitchens aren't large and they are used to working on a moving vehicle.  

Arranging things yourself is quite simple. There is plenty of storage space on board including a number of fridges, why not bring your own drinks with you. We can arrange for the coach to be there in plenty of time for you to put what you need on board so that when your guests arrive you are completely relaxed and ready to enjoy the occasion with them.  Alternatively, give us your shopping list and we can ensure everything is ready when your coach turns up.

The Team vehicles always have cutlery, plates and plastic glasses, just let us know exactly what you would like and we will make sure it is provided say for example, ice buckets, newspapers etc.

The kitchens, although compact are fully equipped, a small sink/drainer, fan ovens - with timers and a Microwave.  Light snacks and nibbles on the tables make it more of an occasion.

On board entertainment, by way of Bose sound (on selected vehicles) DVD and Sky TV,  the latest updates from the tournament you are going to or your companies own video.  One company - on the way to a Formula One dinner - wanted motor racing DVD's playing.  If you want something special, let us know!

Business Meetings, Site visits, Staff Training

The Premiership Range is ideal for business because of the seating arrangements allowing for meetings on the move. 

Visiting sites, or premises as a team is now easy, everyone together in one vehicle enables talks to continue and keeps the group together.  The large tables are ideal to spread out plans and charts.

Tea and Coffee is freely available from the machine,  so everyone can help themselves.  A few biscuits or rolls can keep things going while you move from one place to another in comfort.

Moving everyone as a group, can work out cheaper and more productive than them all making their own way in cars or on the train.

Don't hesistate to give us a call and talk over what your thoughts or requirements are, we have plenty of experience and can really help you with the planning.


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